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Organ Construction and Installation Videos

Metal Casting

Installation of Opus 19

These excerpts were filmed during the installation of Opus 19 at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Houston, Texas.

Installation Part 1 - Interior of the Cathedral and Organ Gallery

Installation Part 2 - Hoisting a wind chest up to the Organ Gallery

Installation Part 3 - Propping large beams

Installation Part 4 - Raising the swell chest into position

Installation Part 5 - Raising the 32-ft. flue pipe

Installation Part 6 - Raising the 32-ft. flue pipe - Part 2

Installation Part 7 - Positioning the 32-ft. flue pipes

Installation Part 8 - Installation Slideshow

Installation Part 9 - Raising the Facade pipes

Installation Part 10 - Raising the Facade pipes

Installation Part 11 - Raising the Facade pipes


Construction of Opus 14

These excerpts are taken from a documentary film on the construction of Martin Pasi's Opus 14. It shows the creation from start to finish of a reed pipe and a flue pipe. The segments were filmed by Mike Cousino in the Pasi Organ Builders shop in Roy, Washington.

Pipe Making : Reed Pipe Part 1

Pipe Making : Reed Pipe Part 2

Pipe Making : Reed Pipe Part 3

Reed Block Casting

Pipe Making Part 1: Casting Metal - Pouring and Preparing

Pipe Making Part 2: Casting Metal, Cutting and Rolling Metal

Pipe Making Part 3: Hammering, Sizing, Calculating and Cutting

Pipe Making Part 4: Cutting, Marking and Scribing

Pipe Making Part 5: Beveling, Rolling and Soldering

Pipe Making Part 6: Voicing

A Musical Interlude

Robert Huw Morgan plays the Pasi Opus 8b Continuo organ