Opus 27

St. John's Abbey Church
Collegeville, Minnesota

2m/37 stops


Grand Great Grand Swell
16' Principal 16' Bourdon
8' Octav 8' Principal
8' Salicional 8' Flute Harmonique
8' Flute Harmonique 8' Viola
4' Octav 8' Celeste
3' Quint 8' Gedackt
2' Octav 4' Octave 
8' Cornet a2 4’ Flute Harmonique
1 1/3' Mixture VI 2’ Octavin
16' Bombarde 2’ Mixture VI
8' Trompette 16' Bassoon
4'-16' Trompeta 8' Trompette
8' Trompeta 8' Oboe
8' Voix Humaine
4' Clairon
Grand Pedal  
32' Contra Bass*  
16' Open Bass 
16' Violone*
8' Principal
8' Violone 
4' Octave
32' Trombone*
16' Trombone 
8' Trompette
Holtkamp Positivon Unit Chest

8’ Cromorne
* Octave transmissions
The new manual divisions will be playable from any of the three keyboards.
Electric stop action.
Each of the new divisions will have their own bellows that are fed by a silent blower.
The following stops will be made out of wood:
Bourdon 16' SW,
Contra Bass 32' Pedal,
Open Bass 16' Pedal,
Violone 16' Pedal,
Violone 8' Pedal,
Trombone 32' and Trombone 16' of the Pedal.
All other stops are made of lead and tin alloys.
The Swell will be enclosed in a box that will be made of extra heavy wood.
Both old and new Swell divisions will be fitted with new Swell engines.
The new Great will have a case without a façade.
The pedal pipes will be mounted on the outer "wings" without a case.
The largest pipes of the Great will be mounted against the back wall.